About Tejomaya

About Tejomaya
IKS The light that connects us all.

Tejomaya Bharat (The Dazzling India) is an independent publication launched in 2019 by Mitra Desai

A place to explore the rich civilisation and the thought that is Bharat, through unheard stories, backed by research and facts.

Maharishi Vyasa says Prajwalito Jnanamayah Pradipah, ie; I light this lamp of knowledge!

Bharat - A magnanimous and benevolent thought, the oldest surviving civilisation, the grandest and most resilient indigenous traditions, an unparalleled inclusive and pluralist culture and so much more... Often lost in translation and interpretation, this is our humble attempt to reclaim the narrative and find ways to reinvigorate its wisdom.

Collectively this is OUR quest, so come along and make it yours! These are OUR STORIES...OUR VOICES.

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