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Coming from the picturesque towns touched by Chattrapati Shivaji, I call the towns of Satara and Kolhapur,  home. It is here that I did my early schooling and went on to study Interior Design and Law.

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Following the trends of the time, I went to America for higher education and completed my

Masters in Criminal Justice. After a brief period back in Bharat, my husband's job took the family

to Australia where I live and work for more than a decade now.

As they can take the girl out to Bharat, but not Bharat out of the girl!


Living away from Bharat has only strengthened my bond and longing for the Janma Bhoomi.


I have always enjoyed reading and sharing fascinating finds with friends and family. So I began my online storytelling journey in 2018 by posting writeup and Marathi audio notes on a blog “Letters to my son”. Such was the overwhelming response to this that

I felt I wanted to do more of it. I crafted a new identity for the stories I wanted to tell – Tejomaya Bharat – Dazzling India!


I continue to research and share stories that throw light on India's unacknowledged contributions on my youtube channel Tejomaya Bharat. My aims to inspire and motivate us to reconnect with our Indic roots.

Projects accomplished so far:

  1. Book: Shitala - How India Enabled Vaccination - Published by Subbu Publications in India and on Amazon elsewhere.

  2. Marathi video series with Nilesh Oak and Sanket Kulkarni – Sushruta and his Samhita.

  3. English video series with Nilesh Oak, Sanket Kulkarni and Amod Pradhan – Sushruta and his Samhita.

  4. Marathi video series with Indologist Deepali Patwadkar – Aapla Sanskrutik Varsa (Our cultural heritage).

  5. Marathi short series on Adi Shankaracharya.

  6. Other episodes in Marathi about Bharat’s unacknowledged contribution to the First World War, Bharat Mata speaks and spiritual matters.

  7. Marathi video series with Indologist Kimaya Joshi and Girinath Bharade – Aapli Purane va Puran Katha (Stories from our Puranas and a contemporary view of the wisdom).

I love to chat and invite you to connect with me on social media.

Instagram: mitra_tejomayabharat

Youtube : TejomayaBharat

Twitter: @tejomayabharat

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