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What Was The Greatest Crime In All History?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The greatest crime in all history - The deliberate bleeding of India, says the scholar and historian who studied and wrote 11 volumes long Story of Civilization! Now that's saying something!

Excerpts for The Case for India by Will Durant. Durant was a rare Western scholar-historian-commentator who spoke with blunt candour against the evils of the British colonialism and its crippling effects on Bharatavarsha.

The book #CaseforIndia which should be compulsory reading for Indians remains completely out of our view. It gives us a blow-by-blow account of almost every excruciating detail of the evilest Empire the world has ever seen.

Durant declared his stand openly: If I write at all it is not only because I feel deeply about India, but because life cannot wait till knowledge is complete. One must speak out and take sides before the fight is over.

In this series, we look at how it all unfolded, in bite-size facts.

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