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What surprised historian Megasthenes when Alexander invaded India in 326 BC?

Excerpts from The case for India by Will Durant:

When Alexander the Great invaded India in 326 BC, his historian, Megasthenes, recorded his amazement at finding on the Indus a people quite as civilized and artistic as the Greeks, who were then at the height of their curve.
Mother India is in many ways the Mother of us all. Let us remember, also, in order that we may see the problem in perspective, the age and variety of India's civilization. Recent excavations at Mohenjo-Daro have revealed a civilization 3500 BC with great cities and industries, comfortable homes, and luxuries ranging from bathroom to statuary and jewellery; “all betokening a social condition superior to that prevailing in contemporary Babylonia and Egypt.”
The civilization that was destroyed by British guns had lasted for 15 centuries producing saints from Buddha to Ramakrishna and Gandhi; philosophy from the Vedas to Schopenhauer and Bergson, Thopea and Keyserling, who take their lead and acknowledge their derivation from India (India says Keyserling “has produced the profoundest metaphysics that we know of.” and he speaks of “the absolute superiority of India over the Western philosophy”
This, evidently, was not a minor civilization produced by an inferior people. It ranks with the highest civilizations of history, and some like Keyserling would place it at the head and summit of all."

Will Durant the scholar and historian who studied and wrote 11 volumes long Story of Civilization tells us that the greatest crime in all history was the deliberate bleeding of India.

The book #CaseforIndia which should be compulsory reading for Indians remains completely out of our view. It gives us a blow-by-blow account of almost every excruciating detail of the evilest Empire the world has ever seen.

In this series, we look at how it all unfolded, in bite-size facts.

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