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#ShitalaReview - Dr Pareexit Shevde - M.D (Ayurveda), Author of Gharoghari Ayurved.

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Want to educate the masses? Do it through storytelling. Mitra Desai’s ‘Shitala’ is an ideal example of this. The author narrates a story backed up with historical references, ample footnotes and bibliography.

Ayurveda is a well-developed life science that has been deliberately neglected over the decades. The book is an eye-opener.

It narrates about Ayurvedic references of Shitala, Masurika and contemporary references of their Bharatiya treatment in a refreshing manner. Although it is a lesser-known fact; Ayurvediya Suchividnyanam (Ayurvedic Vaccination) has Shitala references from texts like Sharangdhar Samhita. It was a well profound practice in ancient Bharat.

The author has made an extraordinary effort to show this historical fact, the light of day. I congratulate her and thank her as well on behalf of the entire Ayurvediya Vaidya fraternity. Eager to read more from her.

Empower yourself and others to challenge and change the narrative. Order your copies - Gift them to friends, family, schools and colleges.

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