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#ShitalaReview - Dr Lakshmi Saripalli - Scientist and Radio Astronomer.

Updated: May 1, 2021

I felt it was such a great idea and a wonderful way to narrate our numerous Bharatiya nuggets that we are all so woefully unaware of! That these stories need to be told, need to be shared widely, need to be chronicled by us, the Bharatiya people - what an effort Mitra, Congratulations!

What a brilliant idea too to take up the current issue of Coronavirus - one that would straightaway relate to the readers! Also admire the creativity in narrating the whole story of the smallpox vaccine narrated through the experience of a young Tara - again, a character with whom most of us can easily relate! Especially when she laments, "Why did I not know about this? Why does anyone else not know about this? I mean…what if we never had the chance conversation? I would have been whiling away my time and never have known what I know now.” That really struck a chord!

So much technical information and historical account researched and put together - this lends a lot of interest, of course, a motivation to read and also adds weight to the story. We have always known (blurred and vague though) of the deep Bharatiya gold mine we sprung from but to see it unfold with such clarity is a wonderful wonderful experience.

One feels gratitude for the attempt at bringing alive these gems of Bharatiya life that we simply lived, without thinking to lay claim, without patents, without copyright. So much more must be there below the surface so to speak. We, the oldest and most sophisticated of civilisation have seen much, studied much, written much, explored and discovered much and lived it all in full measure before this age of law of the muscle.

A very enjoyable and fascinating read, and the research that steals our hearts. Hoping for more to come!

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