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How to vacation in style?

Go the British way...just make an Indian pay!

Let these figures tell you this sordid and scary tale!

I asked the guide at Trichinopoly how the people of India had found three or 400 years ago, the money to build the vast temples there and at Madurai and Tanjore. He answered that the Rajah had been able to build these edified despite the fact that they had taxed the people much less severely than the English we're doing.

Against this terrible bloodletting, the Hindus have no redress: their legislatures are impotent. And in the midst of the heartbreaking poverty engendered partly by this taxation, the government treats itself at a staggering cost, to gigantic official buildings at Delhi, needlessly alien in style to the architecture of India. For seven months of every year, it transfers the capital with all its machinery and personnel, to vacation resorts in the mountains at the expense of millions of dollars; And from time to time it holds gorgeous durbars to impress the people who provide 10s of millions for the ceremony.

It pays to be free.

The result is that the national debt of India, which was

$35,000,000 in 1792 rose to

$105,000,000 in 1805; to

$150,000,000 in 1829; to

$215,000,000 in 1845; to

$275,000,000 in 1850; to

$350,000,000 in 1858; to

$500,000,000 in 1860; to

$1000,000,000 in 1901; to

$1,535,000,000 in 1913 and

$3,500,000,000 in 1929.

The British charged the Hindu with lack of manliness: but it is the British who have driven it out of him by the accident of superior guns and the policy of merciless rule. If there is rebellion in India today let every true Briton be glad. For it means that India is not quite dead, that the spirit of Liberty is raised again and that the Hindu can be a man after all.

Will Durant the scholar and historian who studied and wrote 11 volumes long Story of Civilization tells us that the greatest crime in all history was the deliberate bleeding of India.

The book #CaseforIndia which should be compulsory reading for Indians remains completely out of our view. It gives us a blow-by-blow account of almost every excruciating detail of the evilest Empire the world has ever seen.

In this series, we look at how it all unfolded, in bite-size facts.

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