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How the Crown continued the exploitations started by EIC?

By 1858 the crimes of the company so smelled to heaven that the British government took over the captured and plundered territories as a colony of the Crown; A little island took over half a continent.

England paid the company handsomely and added the purchase price to the public debt of India, to be redeemed, principle and interest [originally at 10 1/2% ] out of taxes upon the Hindu people.
All the debt on the company's books together with the accrued interest on these debts were added to the public obligations of India, to be redeemed out of the taxes put up on the Hindu people.
Exploitation was dressed now in all forms of laws dash that is the rules laid down by the victors for the vanquished.
Hypocrisy was added to brutality, while the robbery went on.

Will Durant the scholar and historian who studied and wrote 11 volumes long Story of Civilization tells us that the greatest crime in all history was the deliberate bleeding of India.

The book #CaseforIndia which should be compulsory reading for Indians remains completely out of our view. It gives us a blow-by-blow account of almost every excruciating detail of the evilest Empire the world has ever seen.

In this series, we look at how it all unfolded, in bite-size facts.

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